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The Benefits of Gemstone and Crystal Healing

Gemstones and crystals can be great additions to your self-care and healing. Below are just a few things each crystal can help with. Use this short guide to help you choose which crystal is best for you! Please do your own research so you can make the best choice for YOU! Each crystal does so much more than listed here.

Here is a short break down of each gemstone/crystal we offer. We will have other more in-depth blogs in the future dedicated to each stone. I am still working on creating educated lists for a few stones. Gemstone/crystal therapy is something I am semi-new to and I am always learning. 

~Amethyst - Cures nightmares and insomnia and brings clarity. 
~Black Agate - Spiritual protection and inner strength and also helps alleviate pain from many ailments. 
~Cherry Quartz - Diffuses strong negative emotions and turns them into positive ones and also helps with energies, vibrations, and drive. 
~Green Aventurine - coming soon! 
~Lapiz Lazuli - coming soon! 
~Moonstone – Balances Emotions and alleviates the fear of and helps accept change and the unknown. 
~Red Aventurine - coming soon! 
~Red Jasper - Has a strong and even vibration that helps with emotional issues and supports the respiratory and circulatory systems⁠.
~Turquoise – Helps heal many bodily ailments and leads you to greater self-realization by increasing serenity, creativity, empathy, positive thinking, sensitivity, intuition, happiness and wisdom. 

And lastly, 

~Copper - Intensifies and channels crystal energy and helps heal and repair many ailments, hence the reason it is used in many medical devices. We use a lot of copper-based metals in our jewelry because of the health benefits it offers.

It is important to remember that not every crystal works for every person. It is crucial to find the one that works best for you! Many crystals like moonstone, amethyst, and black agate are known to help calm and soothe your spirit. However, Moonstone is my go-to because that is what works for my combo of ailments. Let me know below what your go-to is!