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About Horsefeather Peculiars

Horsefeathers Beginnings

Horsefeather Peculiars evolved from the ashes of another shop I own called Stephanies Essentials. Stephanie's Essentials got started when I was told I would be Medically Separated out of the Marine Corps in 2011. I knew since my dreams were taken from me in that aspect, that I wanted to continue to do a job  I would love and allow me to go to college and raise a family. I started off sewing and making home decor at my kitchen table while awaiting my discharge. I discovered jewelry crafting in 2013. It wasn't long before I knew I didn't want to make just any jewelry or cater to the general population. I knew I would need to expand beyond selling on Facebook and working at the kitchen table. So I got to work.

I worked hard for a few years learning everything I could about jewelry crafting and business. Between 2011 and 2018 I got a degree in Business Administration and Entrpreneurship. I started my first Etsy shop in 2012. I also took several other accredited business courses, read many books, attending several seminars and still ran Stephanies Essentials while raising two boys. During this time I discovered the world of planning. And saw not only a problem in the jewelry world but within the planner community as well, nobody caters to nerdy witches. This thought and business quickly became my passion and took over my life.  

In 2018 Horsefeather Peculiars was born out of the ashes I left behind with Stephanies Essentials. I wanted to cater to my fellow nerdy witches. HP has since outgrown Etsys capabilities and the kitchen table. Our website launched on April 21, 2020 with our dragon and crystal jewelry. And on June 12, 2020 we launched planner stickers with lots planned for the nerdy witchy community. We need stickers to meet our planning needs.

With the website we now have the capabilities to not only spoil you with even more amazing products but provide rewards, share my stories, a blog and many more perks to come!

Horsefeathers Mission

Horsefeather Peculiars is all about learning how to ‘Unlock the Magic Within’, meaning discovering who you truly are and not being afraid to show it. 

This is my mission with my jewelry, planner items, products, blogs, and stories. I want to show you that you truly are capable of achieving your dreams, overcoming life's obstacles, making a friend or even just leaving the house. We have all been there.  Even I have visited that road and set up camp there.

In today's time, it's still taboo to be who you truly are unless you conform to society's standards and stereotypes. Let’s break free from that together and just be who the creator wants us to be.  Genuine compassionate human beings.

Let our products help you show off who you truly are. An amazing person inside and out. Do not let society define you. Be bold. Be courageous. Be unique. Be YOU!